Tree Planting & Preservation Committee



    7:30 p.m. -  2nd Tuesday of the Month
  • Donut Room, Library, 111 W 2nd Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057


  • Dawn Bohr, Vice Chair
  • Carl Cutler
  • David Daily
  • Sandra Daniels
  • John Gibson, Chair
  • John Greim, Alternate
  • Jay Hartman
  • Kathleen Logue
  • Council Liaison


It is the mission of the Tree Planting and Preservation Committee to encourage and assist the community of Moorestown to successfully implement a tree management program by providing information and assistance to the Township Council and Management to sustain and enhance our community forest resource.

What We Plant

The Tree Planting and Preservation Committee is often asked, "Why do you plant so many different species of trees? We just want big trees along our streets."

One explanation can be found in Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring:
"... A generation or more ago, the towns of large areas of the United States lined their streets with the noble elm tree. Now the beauty they hopefully created is threatened with complete destruction as disease sweeps through the elms, carried by a beetle that would have only limited chance to build up large populations and spread from tree to tree if the elms were only occasional trees in a richly diversified planting..."

Contact Information

For more information, email the Tree Planting and Preservation Committee.