Construction Office (Building Inspections)

The Moorestown Construction Office is responsible for construction permits, plan reviews, inspections and code compliance as allowed by the State of New Jersey and the Township of Moorestown Code.


The Moorestown Township Construction Department Logo.

Our mission is to enforce the regulations and codes under our jurisdiction with diligence, fairness, helpfulness, thoroughness, and integrity while acting professionally and respectfully. Whether you are an experienced contractor, builder, or homeowner performing your first construction project, we are here to help you navigate the permitting and inspection process. 

Most homeowners will undertake some sort of home improvement project while living in their home, but applying for a permit from the construction department can be intimidating to those who have never done it before.

Getting Started

This information packet has been designed to assist homeowners to prepare their permit application when they are undertaking a remodeling project themselves for their own private residence such as kitchen remodels, bathrooms, bedrooms, main living areas, adding closets, etc. 

Whether you are planning on doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor, our Homeowner's Guide to Applying for a Permit will assist you so that your application process can go smoothly. 

Division of Codes and Standards

Construction Official & Fire Subcode Official Joseph LaRocca utilizes the iPlan table at Town Hall.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is a state agency that provides administrative guidance to local governments, and within the DCA, the Division of Codes and Standards establishes and enforces building codes. For a complete listing of the DCA's forms or for more detailed information, see the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Divisions of Codes and Standards.  

Online Tracking System

Moorestown Township utilizes Spatial Data Logic's (SDL) Municipal Management Software, an online tracking system connecting municipalities and their residents. Residents can create an account and subsequently log in to the SDL portal for 24 hour access to permit tracking. Credit cards are now accepted for payment of permit fees. 

  • Sign up for an SDL account here
  • Log in to your SDL account here.

A screen capture of Moorestown's SDL page.

Checklists & Additional Information 

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