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  1. When planning a block party, please keep in mind:

    Each block may be approved for street closure once a year.

    Barricades will be delivered and picked up by the Department of Public Works as per the dates indicated on the Block Party Application.

    When a request for a block party is approved, please remember that any applicable laws and town ordinances such as those with regard to loud noise, leashing of dogs, no markings in the streets, etc., remain in effect.

    In case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstance, please be sure to include a "Rain Date".

    The Chief of Police reserves the right to deny Block Party Applications based upon location/road conditions, previous complaints and violations.

  2. Emergency Vehicle Access*

    The Applicant understands that in the event of an emergency within the barricaded Block Party area, emergency vehicles will have immediate access to the location of the emergency.

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