Preserved Open Spaces - Hiking Trails

There are many preserved open spaces within Moorestown, many of which contain hiking trails.  For detailed information, please visit the STEM (Save The Environment of Moorestown) web site --> Click HERE.

Moorestown’s Preserved Open Spaces (from the STEM web site)   

Over the decades since 1972, STEM has undertaken a wide range of ambitious projects to preserve, protect, and maintain the health of Moorestown’s open space and farmland, including the development of a Natural Resources Inventory, the preparation of an Open Space Inventory, and the establishment of the Natural Area Care (NAC) program.

STEM’s cooperative efforts with local, county, and state bodies have led directly to the preservation of over 275 acres of land within Moorestown. Such partnering with government committees, land trusts, local watershed associations, and like-minded area groups is central to STEM’s philosophy.

Open Spaces:

The Barbara Rich Preserve at Little Woods

Boundary Creek (Burlington County Park)

Esther Yanai Preserve

Kay Smith’s Waterworks Woods

Kendles Run Acres

Locust Street Park

Pompeston Park

South Valley Woods

Stokes Hill

Susan Stevens Halbe Preserve

Swede Run Fields

Wigmore Acres

Winner Fields