The Business Districts

The Mall & Commons Areas:

Moorestown’s mall can have retail department stores, other retail stores and personal service shops that you’d expect to find in shopping centers and restaurants, theaters and offices. Generally, there are no flea markets, bazaars, open markets, farmers' markets, or other markets permitted, unless this is preapproved.

 The Mall & Commons Areas may include:

  • Retail department stores
  • Office buildings (e.g. administrative, executive, or professional offices, corporate headquarters, training centers, insurance companies, banks or other financial institutions, or a political campaign office (for up to three months)
  • Restaurants or cafeterias
  • Scientific research, testing or experimental laboratories (no commercial production or storage of any commodities)
  • Wholesale establishments 
  • Publishing or printing establishments

 Entertainment Businesses that will be considered include:

  • Arcades – (appropriately distanced e.g.  1,500 feet away from another arcade, 1,000 feet  from school premises or 500 feet of any church premises)
  • Indoor amusement park/s (no smaller than 35,000 square feet but no bigger 60,000 square feet of the mall.
  • An indoor skateboard, in-line skating and nonmotorized bicycling activity center 

Next to The Mall & The Commons Areas (SRC-1)

  • This may include office buildings for administrative, executive, medical or professional offices, corporate headquarters, training centers, telephone offices, public utility offices, or a political campaign office (for up to three months)
  • Insurance companies, banks, or other financial institutions 
  • Scientific research, testing or experimental laboratory (no commercial production or storage) 
  • A publishing or printing establishment
  • A private recreational facility

Conditional Uses in the C-1 Commercial District

  • This may include a health care center – as long as it is:
    • Integrated and affiliated with a health system in the region
    • Providing complementary facilities and programs with a private recreational facility on an adjacent site
    • There’s no noise, odor, vibration or emissions at the property line
    • Shall not include substance abuse treatment center
  • Limited Licensed Brewery, Craft Distillery and Winery Salesrooms


The Lenola section of Moorestown has a wide array of commercially approved uses:

  • Retail Stores
  • Banks or other financial institutions
  • Bakeries or confectionery shops
  • Tailoring or shoe repair shops
  • Newspaper or printing establishments
  • Offices for administrative, executive, professional or sales use 
  • Photographic, art, dance, music studios
  • Personal services, such as barbers, beauticians, laundry, dry cleaning, and appliance and small electronics repairs
  • Public playgrounds, conservation areas, and parks
  • Public schools
  • Health and fitness centers
  • Museums 
  • Post offices 
  • Catering establishments, tearooms, dining rooms or restaurants, including outdoor cafes

There are also other land uses that have been considered and may be authorized by the Planning Board:

  • Healthcare operations, such as hospitals, nursing homes or similar health facility, homes for aged, children, handicapped or similar institution, day-care center, nursery, continuing-care facility for elderly
  • Clubs or lodges for fraternal or social purposes 
  • Drive-through commercial establishments

Business Park 1

The Business Park 1 has the following permitted principal uses:

  • Offices for administrative, executive, business, utility, professional and financial services (e.g.  insurance, photography, polling, advertising, public relations, marketing, translation)
  • Health services (e.g., urgent care, outpatient care, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical and diagnostic laboratories)
  • Scientific research and development. 
  • Information technology services
  • Providers of educational services (e.g., special education, business schools, computer and management training, technical and trade schools)
  • Gyms, health clubs, and facilities for indoor sports or sports training, recreation, performing arts, dance facilities
  • Care options (e.g., child-care, adult-care, special needs care, services for the elderly and persons with disabilities, job training) 
  • Construction industry business (e.g., general contractors, engineering, specialty trade contractors)
  • Manufacturing (e.g., production, processing, distribution, and wholesale sale, of fresh, refrigerated, and frozen food (no animal slaughtering), beverages, breweries, wineries, distilleries, pharmaceuticals and medicines, durable medical goods, textiles, apparel, and printing)
  • Facilities that provide warehousing and storage, including self and personal storage. 
  • Wholesale trade establishments 
  • Establishments that provide transportation (e.g., truck, transit and ground passenger, motor vehicle towing, or moving and storage)
  • Support services providing routine support activities for other organizations including administration, clerical, security, and cleaning.
  • Wind and solar facilities

The following uses of land and buildings are also permitted accessory uses:

  • Restaurants or cafeterias, outdoor picnic, and outdoor recreation areas for employees, students, patients, and occasional visitors
  • Retail food and beverage stores and retail banks (within an existing building)
  • Maintenance, security, or real estate rental and leasing services and offices, serving the business park
  • Training facility or center for employees

The following uses shall be permitted when approved as a conditional use by the Planning Board:

  • Horticulture and Agricultural uses, bigger than 5 acres, for the growing and harvesting of crops, including nurseries.  
  • Roadside stands and garden centers as long as:
    • (a) Stands shall be setback from the right-of-way a minimum of thirty (30) feet. 
    • (b) The floor area of the display/stand shall not exceed four hundred (400) square feet. 
    • (c) Approval of the driveway(s), location of parking, on-site circulation, and other public safety concerns.