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​Notice to all interested in the Recreation CIT Program (Counselor In Training)...

Applications will be available starting January 5, 2018 on the Parks & Recreation website for youth 13 to 16 years old and must be submitted by March 9, 2018. A completed application does NOT guarantee employment. Once an application is received, it will be reviewed, an interview scheduled, and then a decision will be made. Interviews will be conducted through April 20th. Once an applicant is offered a position they may formally register for the program. Registration for the CIT program will be $75.00. CITs will be required to be present for all weeks of their respective camps, with a maximum of 5 consecutive days off for a vacation.

​CIT PROGRAM: 2018 Updates

​Following the success and growth of the Moorestown Recreation CIT (Counselor In Training) Program (started in 2008), The Department of Parks & Recreation is expanding this program in 2018. The parameters of the program are as follows:
​ •Counselors In Training will be ages 13-16 years old. 13 year old CITs will be eligible to volunteer in the Four is Fun, Five is Fun-ner, Art Camp, Sports Camps and Sports Clinic, but not eligible for the Summer Park and Theater Programs.
​ •Applications will be accepted in the Rec Center Office January 5th - March 9th.
​•Interviews will be conducted through April 20th.
​•Registration for the CIT Program will be $75 and if selected must be received by May 11th.
​•Applicants can “request” placement in certain programs, however, no guarantee is made regarding placement.
​ •There will be a CIT “Sub List” for Department Use only – this list will be made up of “wait-listed” candidates who will be used to substitute for any CITs who utilize their one week of vacation. CITs may not “call in” subs.
​•CITs will be required to be present for all weeks of their respective camp with a maximum of one consecutive week off for vacation purposes. •If a CIT is absent without notice for any reason (other than illness which will require a doctor’s note) they will be terminated from the program. A “Sub” will then be offered the position.
​•CITs will also:
​ ◦Be provided an exit-interview & confirmation of hours letter
​ ◦Be provided a letter of reference and a copy of their review upon request (assuming completion of program)
​◦Be given necessary signatures and documentation for Service Hours forms