Volunteer Opportunities


1.  ​CIT Program (Counselor In Training) - contact Mary Stefano at mstefano@moorestown.nj.us.

Applications will be available starting January 3, 2018 on the Parks & Recreation website for youth 13 to 16 years old and must be submitted by March 9, 2018. A completed application does NOT guarantee employment. Once an application is received, it will be reviewed, an interview scheduled, and then a decision will be made. Interviews will be conducted through April 20th. Once an applicant is offered a position they may formally register for the program. Registration for the CIT program will be $75.00. CITs will be required to be present for all weeks of their respective camps, with a maximum of 5 consecutive days off for a vacation. 
2018 CIT Job Description
2018 CIT Application 

CIT PROGRAM: 2018 Updates

​Following the success and growth of the Moorestown Recreation CIT (Counselor In Training) Program (started in 2008), The Department of Parks & Recreation is expanding this program in 2018. The parameters of the program are as follows:

  • Counselors In Training will be ages 13-16 years old. 13 year old CITs will be eligible to volunteer in the Four is Fun, Five is Fun-ner, Art Camp, Sports Camps and Sports Clinic, but not eligible for the Summer Parks, Special Needs Camp and Children's Theater Programs. 
  • Applications will be accepted in the Rec Center Office January 3rd - March 9th.
  • Interviews will be conducted through April 20th. 
  • Registration for the CIT Program will be $75 and if selected must be received by May 11th.
  • Applicants can “request” placement in certain programs, however, no guarantee is made regarding placement.
  • There will be a CIT “Sub List” for Department Use only – this list will be made up of “wait-listed” candidates who will be used to                    substitute for any CITs who utilize their one week of vacation. CITs may not “call in” subs. 
  • CITs will be required to be present for all weeks of their respective camp with a maximum of one consecutive week off for vacation purposes. 
  • If a CIT is absent without notice for any reason (other than illness which will require a doctor’s note) they will be terminated from the program. 
  • CITs will also be provided an exit-interview & confirmation of hours letter and be given necessary signatures and documentation for Service Hours forms.

2.  Art Program - contact Sophia Geiger at sgeiger@moorestown.nj.us.
Saturday Art Classes at 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM throughout the school year working with Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Pick the time and dates you are available.
Summer Week long Art Camp is held in August working with children Kindergarten through 4th grade and held on the 3rd floor of the Church Street Recreation Center.

3.  Baking and Culinary Classes - contact Cyndi Roberts at cbritton@moorestown.nj.us.
Baking and Culinary Classes are in need of High School students interested in assisting our Chef.  You will need to commit to all classes of the specific session and be willing to volunteer 1 hour before class begins and stay 1 hour after class ends for clean up.  The classes are held in the kitchen on the 3rd Floor of the Church Street Recreation Center.

4.  Park Maintenance - contact Rich Corbin at rcorbin@moorestown.nj.us
We welcome individuals and small groups to volunteer to complete short term (4-8 hours) projects in support of our township parks.  We can provide trash bags, latex gloves, safety vests and will haul away trash bags.  The projects could include:
    a.  Maintenance of flower beds around park entrance signs and buildings (weeding, planting, mulching)
    b.  Picking up trash around a park.            

5.  Coach a Youth Sports Program - contact Mary Stefano at mstefano@moorestown.nj.us
Coaching a youth sports program is a rewarding way to give back to our community and mentor our youth.  We look for adults to coach basketball, soccer, field hockey, and girls lacrosse.