Parks & Playgrounds

JEFF YOUNG PARK is located at the corner of New Albany and Lenola Roads offers a variety of amenities.  This 9 acre park is named for Sgt. Jeffrey Young, USMC, who was killed in action in the Beiruit Bombing, Beiruit, Lebanon in 1983.  Sgt. Young was a Moorestown resident and his family continues to assist in the organization of the annual Memorial Day events in Moorestown.  This location boasts a Recreation Center with meeting rooms and restroom facilities.  The playground and surrounding fields attract local children daily and many sporting activities.  The park has 2 softball fields and up to 3 soccer fields.  The lighted basketball court and the 3 tennis courts are filled daily.  (Port-A-Pots on site, no bathrooms during winter). 

is located at the corner of Salem and Hartford Roads and was formerly fruit orchards.  This picturesque, 15 acre park was renamed after township resident Major John P. Pryor, MD who was killed in action during his second tour of duty in Iraq.  Pryor Park boasts 2 baseball fields with turf infields and 4 soccer fields.  A playground is also located at the park.  This state of the art little league complex hosts tournaments such as the U12 Cal Ripken State Tournament and league games all year long.  (Bathrooms onsite, bathrooms closed November 1st through April 1st).

 is a shining example of recreation at its finest.  This park, located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Dawson Street is always bustling with activity – from youth and adult pick-up basketball games on 2 courts to tennis lessons and friendly matches on its 3 courts.  The recent renovation of this park offers a state of the art playground complete with handicap accessible swings and picnic tables.  The gentle stream that flows through the park connects to the Pompeston Creek and is always a point of interest!   The open space of this park lends itself to a perfect picnic lunch or outing with friends.  In 2011 the town received a $250,000 grant from the Burlington County Municipal Development Program for upgrades to the park and playground. (Bathrooms or Port-A-Pots onsite, bathrooms closed November 1st through April 1st.) 

PERKINS MEMORIAL AND GROUNDS, located at the intersection of Camden Avenue and West Main Street, was donated to the Township as a park area in 1965.  The grounds of the property include specimen trees from the Perkins Nursery.  A three story building is leased by the Perkins Center for the Arts, a non-profit organization that offers a variety of arts and music programs.  A small triangular-shaped parcel formed by the intersection of Camden Avenue and West Second Street is used for passive recreation and is known as Remembrance Garden.

 is one of Moorestown’s most unique areas.  This 70 acre park was built as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal initiatives and the Works Progress Administration efforts from 1931-1941.  The lake was built by employing local residents during the Great Depression and by securing donations of parcels of land.  The Strawbridge Family donated the largest parcel thereby the name, Strawbridge Lake.  There is a playground and park complete with ADA swings, paths and picnic benches at the east end of the lake (near Church Street) that offers access to Memorial Field.  The lake offers residents fishing, kayaking and canoeing access, plenty of open space and walking, running and biking opportunities.  

located on East Main Street, occupies a unique place among the Township's open space parcels.  It has traditionally been used for sledding and is across the street from the home of the inventor of the Flexible Flyer, arguably the most famous name in sleds. The land was held privately until purchased by the Township to maintain its traditional use for sledding.

FRANK FULLERTON PARK is another neighborhood park that brings the community together.  Named for Moorestown Police Officer Sgt. Francis Fullerton who was killed in the line of duty in 1979, this park has become a stop on the annual Police Unity Tour (to benefit the families of fallen police officers).  The playground was recently rebuilt through the efforts of the Friends of Fullerton non-profit.  This beautifully situated park is located on the corner of Linden and Zelley Streets and is home to a little league baseball field and tennis courts.  The beautiful, multi-age playground was rebuilt in 2011 and is constantly buzzing with activity.  (Bathrooms onsite, bathrooms closed November 1st to April 1st).