Boards & Committees

If you would like to serve on a board or committee, kindly complete a Citizen Leadership Form.  When you hit “submit,” your request will be automatically sent to the Township Clerk who will forward same to the Township Council for consideration.
To see a list of boards and committees and seats that may be available, you may review the most current Township Officials List

If you would like to review the boards and committees and their responsibilities, you may do so by going to the Township Code.   

  1. Appearance Committee

    Check out when and where the Appearance Committee meets and who serves in this group.

  2. Bicycle Circulation & Safety Steering Committee

    It is the mission of the Bicycle and Safety Steering Committee to establish a comprehensive bicycle circulation plan to improve bicycle safety.

  3. Board of Special Assessment Commissioners

    Contact the Board of Special Assessment Commissioners and see who serves on this board.

  4. Board of Trustees of Free Public Library

    Read about the Board of Trustees of Free Public Library to find out about their meetings, members, and strategic plan.

  5. Economic Development Advisory Committee

    Check out the meetings and members of the Economic Development Advisory Committee.

  6. Environmental Advisory Committee

    Review the latest news and information concerning the Environmental Advisory Committee.

  7. Ethical Standards Board

    Attend meetings or contact the Ethical Standards Board for more information.

  8. Green Team - Sustainable Moorestown

    Find out how Moorestown is working towards staying green and sustainable.

  9. Low & Moderate Income Housing Oversight Committee

    Learn more about who serves this committee and when meetings are held.

  10. Open Space Advisory Committee

    See information on the committee responsible for Moorestown's amazing open spaces.

  11. Planning Board

    The duties of the Planning Board include reviewing and deciding applications for development and preparing a master plan.

  12. Recreation Advisory Committee

    Check out the meeting times of the Recreation Advisory Committee.

  13. Telecommunications & Technology Committee

    The Telecommunications and Technology Committee have set goals to increase utilization of the website and meet the IT needs of Town Hall departments.

  14. Tree Planting & Preservation Committee

    It is the mission of the Tree Planting and Preservation Committee to encourage and assist the community of Moorestown to successfully implement a tree management program.

  15. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    Gather information about members and meetings of the zoning board of adjustment.